Guests and Conferences 

Dr. Ralf Erni,EPFL, Joerg Jinscheck, FEI, and Christian Kisielowski, LBNL 

2012 at Perth NCEMers

Dr. Steve Pennycook, ORNL 

2012 at Perth with Prof. Eiji Abe@Univ. Tokyo and Dr. Thomas Kelly@CAMECA
2010 at Brazil with Dr. Sawada@JEOL 

Prof. Les J. Allen, Melbourne University 

2012 at Melbourne Univ. 
2012 at MCEM@Monash 
2012 at MCEM@Monash 

Dr. Scott Findlay, Monash University 

2012 at MCEM@Monash 
2012 at MCEM@Monash 
2012 at Perth with Dr. Mari Montesa and Dr. Takeo Sasaki @ JEOL 
2011 at IIS-UT 

Prof. Joanne Etheridge, Monash University 

2012 at MCEM@Monash 

Dr. Peter Miller, Monash University 

2012 at MCEM@Monash 

Prof. Weine Olovsson, Linköping University, 

2011 at IIS-UT 

Prof. Hidekazu Ikeno, Kyoto University, 

2011 at IIS-UT 

Prof. Naoya Shibata, IEI The University of Tokyo, 

2011 at IIS-UT with Prof. Hibara@IIS 

Dr. Masanori Kohyama, AIST and Prof. Tomoyuki Tamura, Nagoya Inst. Tech. 

2011 at IIS-UT 

Prof. Christian Elsaesser, Fraunhofer-Institut. 

2011 at IIS-UT 2 3 4 

Dr. S-Y. Choi, KIMS and Prof. S. Y. Chung, Inha Univ. 

2011 at IUMAS-V 

Prof. Chris J. Pickard, University Colledge London. 

2011 at Nagoya 

Prof. W. Y. Ching, Univ. Missouri-Kansas City. 

2011 at Tokyo with Prof. Tanaka
2011 at IIS-UT 

Dr. Johannes Bednorz, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory. 

2011 at Tokyo 

Conference: JSPS-BK21 SNU-UT joint workshop on advanced oxide 

2011 at SNU
2011 at SNU

Prof. Yuki Tokumoto, IMR-Tohoku Univ. 

2010 at IMR-Tohoku Univ. 

Dr. Si-Young Choi, KIMS 

2011 at IUMAS-V with Prof. S-Y Chung 
2011 at KIMS with Dr. Lee 
2010 at KIMS 

Prof. Hui Gu, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

2010 at UT 

Conference: EELS session at IMC17 

2010 at Brazil 

Dr. Quentin Ramasse, SuperSTEM 

2010 at Brazil with Dr. Maria Kepaptsoglou 

Prof. Kou Saitoh, Nagoya Univ. and Takeo Sasaki, JEOL 

2010 at Brazil 

Dr. JC Idorobo, ORNL and Hidetaka Sawada, JEOL 

2010 at Brazil 

Prof. Xiaoqing Pan, Univ. Michigan and Dr. Maria Varela, ORNL 

2010 at Brazil 

Prof. Andy Glaeser, Univ. of California-Berkeley 

2011 at UT 
2010 at Berkeley 

Dr. Uli Dahmen, NCEM-Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. 

2010 at Berkeley 

Prof. Andy Minor , Univ. of California-Berkeley 

2010 at Berkeley with Dr. Zhiwei Shan